Living in the time of Corona, so much around us has changed. Our routines, interests, time we are getting to spend with family, schooling, socialising, literally everything. The biggest change has been in terms of parenting.

With the children home for the whole day, with not many avenues to get them outdoors, it has become more important than ever to try and spend more quality time with them, and limit screen time. It has been over a month of lockdown here and after weeks of trying to find ways to keep the 2 engaged, I realised that there are a million ways out there to spark creativity in kids. And each time I shared one of our activities on my Whatsapp stories, I got a tremendous response from many moms in my circle, saying how much they loved the idea and that they would do it with their kids too.

And that’s what led to the birth of this blog, as I realised many more moms (and dads) out there would benefit from us sharing all that we did at home to keep our sanity and the kids happy. đŸ™‚So, Ryan, Eva, Mamma and Pappa would like to welcome you all into our little world.
We believe that happy parenting begins with happy parents. So, you will often see glimpses from our life on what Mamma and Pappa follow to stay happy and motivated. We would love to hear back from you and see your creations, if you decide to incorporate any of our little ideas into your lives.

And as for the name of the blog, VANILLA PARENTING, it’s not just because we have a few Vanilla icecream lovers here. Vanilla refers to anything that is ordinary and standard, with no frills or fancies. But, when you pair Vanilla icecream with a Brownie or Carrot Halwa, it’s a match made in heaven right there. Similarly, we believe ordinary parenting can create wonders when paired with interesting concepts and lavish sprinkles of love, and that’s what we are here to show you. So, watch this space for lots of fun stuff.

Lots of love,
Ryan, Eva, Mamma and Pappa


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