“We shouldn’t teach children the sciences, but give them a taste for them”, said Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher.

We focus on teaching a toddler alphabets and the numbers, we make sure they are developing literacy and numeracy skills, but there are so many other areas that are equally important for them to excel in this competitive world. One of them is to be inquisitive and develop a keen interest in things happening around them, and why certain things happen the way they do. You can read them a book on how things work, but what would be more interesting is if you were to actually show them how things work, or even better if you get them to do it themselves. Getting them to try out age-appropriate DIY science experiments are a wonderful place to start.

When they see things happening in front of their eyes, or they do things with their own hands, things register much better than just being told about something. Keeping this in mind, we have thought of coming up with this series, wherein Ryan and Eva would be exploring simple DIY science experiments in their own little ways. I’m sure these will be of interest to many little ones.

To start off, we have come with this little science experiment, where we use a few easily available ingredients to create some magic in our little lab. Watch Ryan and Eva perform the experiment and give it a go yourself.


In simple words, this is a science experiment that teaches you about a chemical reaction caused by Baking soda and vinegar and what happens as a result of it. A chemical reaction is what happens when 2 chemicals combine.

In scientific terms for older kids, Baking soda, which is Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar, which is Acetic acid combine to produce Carbonic Acid and Sodium Acetate. Then, there is a decomposition reaction, where Carbonic acid decomposes into Carbon Dioxide and water. As Carbon dioxide is a gas, it needs a lot of space to spread out, filling up the bottle and then moving on into the balloon, thereby inflating it. How cool is that????

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Looking forward to hearing back from you all.

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